Our attitude to sustainability

Our understanding of sustainability goes far beyond products. Our thoughts and actions are shaped by decades of work with raw materials and yarns and how we treat resources and our natural environment. We only use electricity from hydropower renewable energies and, wherever possible, waste heat from our own production. If that is not enough, we heat with CO2-neutral wood. In addition, our operations are regularly audited and checked by energy experts for savings potential and optimization.

0 %
CO2 and nuclear power free energy.
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of waste yarn processed since 1982
100 %
CO2 reduction on entire value chain by 2030
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of electricity requirements from own photovoltaics

Since 1982, we have also been producing cords from waste yarns from the textile industry. A large part of our cords are produced by downcycling yarns that accumulate as residual and waste yarns along the textile value chain in spinning mills, finishing plants, twisting mills and weaving mills. Over the last 40 years, around 16,000 tonnes of waste yarns have been processed into recycled cord, thus saving the same amount of primary raw materials.