Our development expertise

Do you need a cord with particular elongation, tensile strength or twisting? Should the cord be highly weather resistant or even compostable? Do you need special UV protection or very high color fastness? Which twine machine should be used for your twine to work flawlessly? Do you need detectability, luminescent effects or approval for food contact? Or do you want a product that is as inexpensive as possible for a simple requirement?

With its experience and know-how, BächiCord is the perfect partner for technical challenges and solutions of any kind. Our development and manufacturing expertise and excellent networking with fiber and raw material suppliers enable us to produce new, competitive and high-quality cords on a scalable basis.

Yarn spool in use on a wrapping machine for the production of highly elastic cords. The natural rubber is wrapped with a sheath yarn in both directions. The sheath yarns provide light protection and strength.