Twines and cords for the packaging and construction industry, for agriculture, horticulture and floristry.

Fast securing of packaged goods and pallets.

From left to right: Elastomer spool and pallet twine on jumbo spool.


The strong elastomer is versatile. It perfectly binds or secures packages, bundles and pallets. The recycled cord quality is very popular, as it is very easy to handle and yet also very strong.

109.045.15 Packschnur Nr. 450 farbig, Spule à 2.2kg im Sack

Machine elastomer coil and pallet securing cord

Our cords are widely applicable for cardboard boxes, beverage containers, packages, bundles or bales. Our machine cords secure your goods impeccably and guarantee perfect binding. We will be happy to advise you on suitable strength, elasticity and material properties. In addition, for manual use, we cut the cords to the length you require or to standard lengths.

With lacing, you save considerable amounts of stretch film and adhesive tape and ensure less waste disposal for the customer. In addition, retying is a meaningful contribution to reducing plastic waste. Thanks to their practical reusability, the cords also make ecological sense.

203.045.11  Palettenschnur Nr. 450 farbig, Jumbospulen
509.090.25 Elastomer Nr. 900 weiss, Spule à 1.8kg

Packing cords secure cardboard boxes and pallets.

Safe and ecological packaging of pallets.

Cords on the construction site and for the trade.


Our weatherproof, extremely tear-resistant cable pulling cords are available in polypropylene or polyester in various colors and strengths, with or without metrication. The strong packing cord is versatile. It perfectly binds or secures packages, bundles and pallets. The recycled cord quality is very popular because it is easy to handle yet very strong.

809.013.16  Einzugschnur Nr. 130, gelb, d 4mm. 500m

Cords on the construction site and for the trade.

From left to right: knotless Fluro tape and Flurofil yarn

Thanks to our extrusion and extensive twisting facilities, we are able to meet a wide range of customer needs. Over the decades, we have developed tailor-made products for textile technology requirements in a wide range of industries. Our yarn assortment includes:
– Rope yarns
– Concrete fiber yarns
– Geo textile yarns
– Cable filling yarns
– Jacket yarns for detonating cords

On our extrusion lines we produce polypropylene tapes in all colors, fibrillated or unfibrillated in the titre range from Nm 0.1 – Nm 18.0.

8144.78  Nm 0.9/1 flurofil-Garn FFW beige 1 UV (Seilergarn)
8100.61  Nm 7.0 fluro-Band FFW, rohw. Knotenfrei (Mantelgarn für Sprengschnüre)

Practical examples

Lacing and straightening ropes for the construction industry.

Playground ropes.

Agriculture, Horticulture and Floristry.

From left to right:
Rebbind cord, tobacco cord and jute cord.

Various qualities are used in agriculture and horticulture. We offer a wide range of products, from rotting jute and cotton twine to synthetic garden raffia. These are used

– in growing vegetables, such as stringing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers

– in viticulture, using grapevine twine made of 100% cotton, jute or polypropylene

– in growing tobacco, for hanging and drying tobacco leaves

– various compostable natural fiber cords for tying & bundling in horticulture

306.060.40  Visju Nr. 600 (5+1), Spule à ca. 4 kg
722.140.25   Rebbindschnur Bw. Nr. 1400, geschnitten à 55cm
4206.150.10  fc-Tabakschnur Nr. 1500 weiss, hülsenlos

Practical examples

Natural fibre cords, for example, for tying vines.

Viscose/jute string for plants in professional vegetable cultivation.